Equinox Strategy Partners offer a distinctive approach for service professionals. Our method for growing your business involves three specific components:

  1. We work with you to craft a niche that differentiates you from your competition, garners a premium for your services and makes you memorable in a crowded and noisy marketplace.
  2. We create top of mind awareness through writing, speaking and networking activities that keeps you present with clients, prospects and referral sources.
  3. We foster and leverage relationships with professionals who can hire or refer you business.

When executed concurrently, growth results.

About our founder, Jonathan Fitzgarrald

Jonathan’s engaging speaking style and ability to distill business development concepts into practical takeaways not only resonated with my 100+ member sales team but more importantly motivated them to up their game and put the techniques into practice.


Jonathan’s presentation captivated our group.  He made complex concepts friendly and easy to understand and provided practical steps for integration, all while entertaining us with colorful examples, stories and humor.  A true top flight professional.


Equinox’s unique and personal approach to business development streamlined my marketing efforts, which resulted in doubling my client base in less than a year.  Also, Jonathan’s coaching has become a crucial part of my professional development and is one of the most significant tools for my career success and satisfaction.

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