Lana Manganiello Outlines Strategies for Boosting Early-Career Attorney Success Post-Pandemic in Law360 Expert Analysis

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La360 Manganiello 6.7.23

LOS ANGELES (June 7, 2023) – Lana Manganiello, Managing Director at Equinox Strategy Partners, recently penned an Expert Analysis article for Law360, titled “Firm Tips For Helping New Lawyers Succeed Post-Pandemic,” in which she delves into strategic and crucial habit formation approaches to facilitate the professional development of early-career attorneys in the post-pandemic era.

Manganiello starts the piece by underlining the challenges and significant shifts early-career attorneys have faced due to the pandemic and the shift to remote work. She asserts, “Good habits — especially those related to relationship building and business development — can fill the gap left by the absence of traditional in-person networking and learning opportunities.”

The article delves into the concept of business development, which may appear daunting to attorneys who launched their careers amid the pandemic. Drawing from James Clear’s “Atomic Habits,” she underscores the importance of finding immediately rewarding activities that align with personal values, goals, and preferences to maintain momentum and foster long-term professional growth.

Moreover, the piece outlines specific tactics for law firms to facilitate positive experiences that can boost the professional development of their early-career attorneys. These strategies include conducting regular in-office practice or committee group meetings, organizing team-building social events, providing regular skill development trainings, fostering mentorship relationships, hosting firm-wide competitions, and more.

Manganiello wraps up her piece by emphasizing the significance of relationship-building, visibility, and self-advocacy skills that are often not covered in law school curriculum. She advocates for the provision of training, coaching, and mentorship in these areas to optimize the early-career experience of attorneys and set them up for a fulfilling legal career.

As a practice growth strategist, coach and trainer at Equinox Strategy Partners, Manganiello has vast experience assisting law firms and legal professionals in developing strategies for professional growth, particularly focusing on business development and strategic planning.

Read the full article as a PDF here and on Law360 here (subscription may be required).

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