Howard Breuer

Media Relations

Howard Breuer handles media relations for Equinox Strategy Partners’ clients. Drawing upon two decades of experience as a journalist, he positions professionals in a way that allows them to share their stories, communicate their unique differentiators and demonstrate their expertise with targeted reporters and media outlets.

A multi-talented communications professional, Howard also provides media training, consults attorneys on high-profile trials, and writes web content, press kits, blogs, op-ed pieces and other materials for service professionals and firms.

Howard’s background includes roles as a legal affairs journalist for some of the world’s largest media outlets. He was a staff writer at People Magazine from 2005 to 2014, covering cases involving Michael Jackson, Jodi Arias, Jaycee Dugard, Anna Nicole Smith and many other high-profile figures. Howard was also a legal affairs reporter for Reuters, the New York Post, the Pasadena Star-News and the Los Angeles Daily News, where he covered other beats and was an assistant city editor. Additionally, Howard worked for several media outlets in Connecticut and New York, including The New York Times.

Howard authored the true-crime book “A Private Practice.”